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06 November 2018


Tuition Details


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Medical: Do you have any medical conditions (Eg Epilepsy, Asthma, ADD, Diabetes) that we should know about?


Conditions of Application

1- Applicants are required to pay for the full term tuition prior to commencement of the term.

2- Fees are non-refundable once the applicant an us have agreed to a designated time and day to undertake lessons.

3- Applicants are responsible for attending weekly tuitions. In circumstances where this is not possible, please notify the academy within a reasonable timeframe (usually 24 hours).

4- Applicants undertaking individual tuition are eligible to arrange with their teachers ONE alternative (“make up”) lesson. Any further alternative arrangements are completely at the teacher’s discretion. Access Music Willetton is under no obligation to provide more than ONE alternative (“make up”) lesson.

5- Any changes to tuition times are to be made with the Administration of Access Music Willetton.

6- Access Music Willetton reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time.


Individual - New Student Application


To submit this Application you need to pay  for a minimum of 10 Lessons.